A Minecraft Server for Episcopalians and their Friends

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The Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas is offering a moderated Minecraft server for members of the Episcopal Youth Community and their friends! As a result of the COVID pandemic, the ever-important need to stay in relationship with other members of our faith communities now takes intentional effort and a creative spirit, and many are finding it necessary to turn to digital platforms for community and connection. Minecraft, an open world online multiplayer game (often referred to as “digital Legos”), has become such a place.

Players suited in custom avatar skins work together to build whatever they can dream up, from modern skyscrapers, to medieval castles, or even a grand cathedral. For the more adventurous, “Survival Mode” sends players deep into the earth where they can mine the raw materials needed to construct torches and a shelter to avoid Zombies, Skeletons, and explosive Creepers. And, just as in the real world, Minecraft players benefit from participating with a spirit of collaboration and respect. Need to borrow a diamond pickaxe to mine some obsidian? Ask your neighbor. Need someone to recover your lost loot if you accidentally fall into a ravine? Bring a friend along. Don’t want your beautifully crafted spruce wood mountain retreat lodge damaged? Assume the player in the undersea glass house would feel the same about their abode and act accordingly!

Players can add to the experience by joining Episcocraft’s private Discord channel, where they can speak and text with one another in real time. In accordance with diocesan Safe Church policies, all chats and major player activities are logged and monitored. Additionally, joining Episcocraft is invite-only. You’ll need to be “whitelisted” by an adult administrator in order to log in to the Minecraft server or the Discord channel. Also, if you do happen to see someone “griefing,” that is, taking what’s not theirs or otherwise acting inappropriately, let us know by using our reporting form at episcocraft.org/reporting, and we will sort it out. Above all, Episcocraft’s priority is to provide a safe, fun, digital space for connections to form and creativity to flourish.


 To play you will need to purchase a Minecraft Java Edition account ($26.95) from minecraft.net. The Java Edition is available for Mac, PC, and Linux operating systems. Mobile and console devices are unable to connect to Episcocraft. The Episcocraft server is currently running version 1.16.4 from papermc.io.


 Discord is free and available for desktop and mobile platforms. So, if you want to run it on your phone while playing Minecraft on your PC, you're in business. Download Discord at discord.com and create an account.


 Before we whitelist you on the Episcocraft server and invite you to the Discord channel, we need a little information from you first. Fill out the signup form at episcocraft.org/signup, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. See you soon in Episcocraft!

 Randall Curtis, aka "theholygeek"
 Jason Alexander, aka "ohdisyus"